Why You Should Be Using Private Browsing And Android Firewall Protection

Why You Should Be Using Private Browsing And Android Firewall Protection

Your device should be equipped with three vital components for ultimate privacy & security:- a capable Android firewall, full anti-malware security, and private browsing capabilities. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We cover the options in this article, and they are all free.

“Your digital footprint is not just used by Google or Facebook to serve related content and ads. Your data and activity can be used by cyber criminals too.”

Sean Chumura, CEO CybX Security LLC

Sadly there is not enough education available for mobile users when it comes to device privacy, and the average user does not realize that their device might be slowing down or draining battery faster because of malicious apps & trackers they have unwittingly allowed to use their connection.

Android Firewall Apps

If you are considering a private browser, Android firewall or malware protection, then this article should help. We will discuss a few of the measures you can take to hide your browsing, but we will also discuss how to take privacy a lot more seriously, and prevent your data being abused by criminals.

Google Incognito

Most Android users are familiar with Google’s Incognito function on the Chrome app. Using Incognito will ensure your browsing activity is deleted at the end of the session, saving no cookies, passwords or browsing history. Your IP address is still visible to the sites you visit, however, and there’s nothing stopping your privacy being invaded if you are using public Wi-Fi. Note: Your ISP will always be able to track your browsing history, even in Incognito.

Generally speaking, Incognito is best used to hide your browsing to others who might use your device, if you use an Android tablet for example.


  • If you have malware on your device, it may be watching your browsing activity. Incognito cannot stop this
  • Needs to be used with an Android firewall and/or script blocker to be fully effective
  • Connection to malicious sites still presents a danger
  • Google will still track your searches
  • ISP can still see your browsing history
  • IP address is still visible to sites
  • Still visible to other users on public Wi-Fi


The rise in popularity for the DuckDuckGo search engine has been meteoric. Their privacy policy is very coherent and well documented as being strictly adhered to by the company.

Whilst your privacy is still debatable when searching with Incognito, DuckDuckGo do not store any of your searches, and none of your browsing history is tracked or stored whilst on their site. Once you click on a link, however, your privacy ends there. DuckDuckgo is just a search engine browser, so they do not track your “searches”. Your activity is still saved to your device.


  • Search engine only – once you click a link to visit a site, your privacy ends

Tor Browser

Tor browser is renowned for its anonymous, tracker-free browsing, and has long held the title for best privacy app for the security conscious. The bigger picture is the architecture of the Tor network that the browser app uses to anonymize your browsing.

Your usage of the app is relayed across a complex encrypted network, which is managed by a community of Tor users. Using script blocking as standard, it also adds another layer of security, in that most tracking scripts do not get through. Tor is so effective, that users can browse freely, even in countries that censor or prohibit internet browsing.

Expect some slower browsing when using Tor, and you’ll also have trouble on many sites due to script blocking. Videos are almost impossible to watch when using Tor, too.


  • No built-in firewall protection
  • Videos are difficult to watch
  • Browser can be very slow
  • If a crash happens, none of your browser windows are saved – so you will not be able to recover your session
  • Some sites won’t load when using Tor

Which Firewall and Private Browsing Do We Recommend?

If you are serious about preventing trackers and malware from intercepting & stealing your data, you should opt for using both Tor browser and CybX’s free Quantum Flare app; an Android firewall and malware protection suite.

Quantum Flare Firewall & Anti-Malware

Quantum Flare works in unison with any privacy browsers you use at device level. Malicious apps on your device are blocked automatically, and should you visit a site that tracks your data, Quantum Flare blocks connection proactively.

Where your browsing activity will be hidden by Tor browser, Quantum Flare takes care of every other aspect of privacy on your device.

1) Anti-phishing & anti-ransomware

2) Intelligent Security Android Firewall

3) User benefits

– MASSIVE Data and Cost savings

– Faster, better & safer browsing.

– Faster, clutter-free games, streaming content and app usage.

4) View real-time app activity on your phone

5) App level ‘Block Internet’ access

6) Visualize locations of Servers that apps are connecting

7) FREE Forever or optional paid upgrades

Download Quantum Flare and Tor Browser:-

Download Tor here:- Tor Browser Website
Download Quantum Flare free here: Google Play Store

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