Which CybX Product and Why?

The world of cyber security is a complex one. from threat reporting to ransomware protection and mobile firewalls – it can be difficult for a business owner to know why they need a solution, and when they need it.

We understand that most companies do not have a dedicated IT team, and we have made it our mission to make things clearer and easier for business owners to access cyber security.

Below you will find an easy to follow graphic to help you understand which CybX products are for you/your company. Here are some of the terms used:-


A type of malicious code or software that can find its way on to your network by – for example – clicking a fake website link, or installing fake software. The malicious software blocks access to important files and software on your devices until a sum of money is paid to the attacker.

Ad Blocking

Many webpages serve ads in the form of text, graphics and video. Some ads can slow down your browsing experience, and some ads can also be malicious. Ad blocking is a method of preventing these ads ever loading on your screen.

Firewall Protection

Software installed on a computer system or on a network which blocks any unauthorized access and permits pre-determined outward communication.

Antivirus Protection

Viruses and trojans can be installed without the user’s knowledge or participation.  A virus is a self-replicating malicious code which can infect, destroy, transmit and change files on a network or device. A trojan is a file that contains a virus. Antiviruses scan new & old files constantly to detect and destroy these viruses and trojans.


A piece of code or software that enables the creator to obtain private data about the victim’s computer activities, transmitting this data covertly from the device. Some spyware can be hidden inside innocuous files & software, such as applications, images, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs to name a few.

DNS Blocking/Protection

DNS is the method in which domain names are translated to IP addresses, to enable users to find websites on the internet. Blocking domains at this network level, and by using a “blocklist” gives the user the ability to block advertisements, cryptocurrency miners, terrorism related content, profane websites and many other types of content for networked devices such as PCs, laptops, IoT devices, CCTV systems, Android, iOS and Smart TVs. 

DNS level protection is considered one of the most robust and comprehensive methods of protecting devices from malicious locations on the internet.

Which CybX Product Do You Need
Flare Browser Controller
Flare Suite
Flare Suite
PC Matic

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