Offering security, integration, cloud, and IT management solutions.

Hybrid & Remote Workforce Solutions

Remote productivity is essential in business today. Video conferencing, secure mobile data access, remote backup, and mobile device security are often key considerations for elevating productivity and security. Let us help optimize your hybrid or remote team’s needs; we’ve been a hybrid team for over a decade-it’s part of our DNA.

Mobile Device Management

As companies become more geographically dispersed and mobile, traditional methods of securing and maintaining your devices no longer work. Onboarding new employees in other cities or states requires re-thinking your approach. We can help you retool your processes and leverage MDM tools to empower your teams to be more mobile, and self-sufficient, while maintaining a secure fleet of devices.

Identity & Access Management

The need for security has increased in today’s cloud-based business environment. Ensuring your team has secure access to the systems they need to be productive each day is critical. We can help your team leverage flexible and powerful tools to identify and manage user access while also keeping them, and your business, secure.

Cross-Platform Integration

93% of our clients utilize both macOS and Windows, allowing each employee to use the best tool for their role. As a cross-platform company ourselves, not only can we guide you through your technology and workflow needs—from naming conventions, to back-up solutions, to font management—but we ensure that the tools you choose work in harmony together.

Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid and remote teams rely on multiple cloud solutions. Tools that integrate with each other offer a smoother and more productive experience. With 100+ cloud migrations under our belts, we’ve found the best approach is to think of the mobile user experience and security paradigm that best fits your company culture, and let that drive the implementation and user training milestones.

Network Design & Security

Keeping your company’s network stable and secure is key. Adapting to the needs of a hybrid team changes things. At Second Son, we have over 450+ network designs under our belt, ranging from five to 300 person office spaces, fully functioning warehouses, and flexible hot-desking environments for hybrid teams. We can help your team create a productive and secure online experience at the office, or remote.

Secure Unified Communications

Hybrid teams need communication systems that adapt to their location and enhance collaboration. Whether it’s email, virtual phones, video meetings, or chat, we can help you choose a tool, or suite of tools, to fit your teams workflow, empower your team to work from anywhere, securely. We can also provide regular training for your users to help them spot social engineering, and prevent data leakage in today’s hyper-connected world.

IT Assessments

Is your security as safe as it needs to be? Should your team be using their own computers and phones? Is your backup system capturing what you think it is? Cyber Insurance Policies are raising their expectations of your security posture. Are you able to meet their expectations? We help you understand the foundation of your company’s current technology systems with an eye towards helping you build a solid IT infrastructure that grows with your business.

Technology Lifecycle & Budgeting

An IT budget not only allows you to better understand how your technology investment is maintained over time, it also provides key insight into how to support future growth and forecasts what you’ll need to achieve your goals. We help lay the foundation-whether it’s your annual IT budget or project to replace the aging devices in your fleet-providing assistance at every step.