Accelerated Revenue and Cyber Security Innovation

CybX Security LLC are innovators; developing disruptive technology on all cyber security fronts – Quantum safe technology, ransomware, antivirus, spyware, data tracking and mobile security. Join us now, and deliver innovation.

Resources and support

All our channel partners have access to comprehensive support and training, so you can rest assured that when you are offering solutions to your clients, you are given the best opportunity for revenue acceleration.

We offer product and device demos, superior training, one to one support, and first line updates as they become available from our developers. By offering a comprehensive package for our resellers, we believe we are creating a truly valuable partnership.

Easy Access

Our online training and tutorials are delivered using the fastest and most accessible media available, so resellers can access from anywhere.

Every Question Answered

We believe in two-way partnerships, and we will ensure you have access to the right professional at the right time to answer every question.

Custom Solutions

We work with resellers to deliver a robust solution that is customized for each client, with contract longevity as a priority.

High Margin Products

We have some of the best margins for channel partners/resellers, from hardware right through to proprietary applications made in-house.

Regulated Standards

Our software and hardware meets all appropriate standards for resale in most countries, and our quantum technology is fully compliant.

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Products & Services

CybX Security prides itself on developing disruptive technologies and putting data first.



DNS level adware, spyware and ransomware protection

Flare Browser

Flare Browser Controller

Extensive browser protection for Chrome and Firefox web browsers

Quantum Flare

Quantum Flare

Award winning, highly rated intelligent Android firewall and VPN

Flare Suite

Flare Suite

Combined privacy tools and cyber security for network, browser and mobile

InCrypt | Quantum Nerve | CybX Nerve | Quantum Messenger

CybX Nerve

Disruptive, highly secure messaging application for Android devices

Quantum CKM

Quantum CKM

Quantum Safe cryptography solutions to protect data at rest and in transit

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Jewelry Store

“Internet security is a daunting topic and can be intimidating. We appreciate these tools because we feel like we can finally understand what is happening on our network, without a cyber trained professional explaining it. I am now more in control of my systems.”

– James Fearer, President and Principal,
James Douglas Jewelry

Coal Blending Facility

“This solution was so simple and straightforward that I wish I would have deployed it years ago.

Our staff is more productive and less frustrated with Internet lag.”

– COO Allen Goldberg, General Trade Company

CybX Security’s core development is centered around regulated “Quantum Safe” technology and solutions. We made a commitment to creating solutions that will work now and in the future, where quantum technology becomes mainstream. 

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