Quantum Shield

Quantum Shield® provides a technology to detect and stop unauthorized programs (payloads) before they are allowed to execute. It also detects internal unauthorized network connections providing an extremely effective solution to eliminate not only the “external threat”, but also the “internal threat”.

Quantum Shield® features

Real Time

Quantum Shield® is a real-time, pre-emptive security product designed to protect computers from both internal and external security threats.
Quantum Shield® sets up a defense system that monitors, in real-time, all system hardware including CPU activity, memory, internal and external devices.


Quantum Shield® is typically deployed throughout a Wide Area Network (WAN), when Quantum Shield® is utilized, no one can deploy a laptop, plug-in via cable or wireless into the WAN, and successfully attack another Microsoft computer, even if the attacker has obtained 100% Microsoft administrative network privileges to the WAN. In this and other similar applications, Quantum Shield® ‘immunizes’ each and every Microsoft system in your enterprise.

Proactive Defense

Quantum Shield® allows the network administrator to set “policies” providing proactive defense against malicious penetration and unauthorized program execution.

Not Signature Dependent

Quantum Shield® is not signature dependent, which means that no viruses or other malicious applications can access your environment. Quantum Shield® also does not allow any unauthorized connections. This is in stark contrast to all other security applications and systems which allow unauthorized computer access in the event the username and password is known.

Easy Integration

Quantum Shield® is designed and developed to be 100% integrated into every aspect of an operational Microsoft PC or Server operating system (O/S). In addition to protection from external threats, as described above, Quantum Shield® also focuses on protecting a computer from the inside threat from users who obtain 100% administrative rights (Admin System Name and Admin Password) to a Microsoft network (cable or wireless) and attempt to exploit (hack) the network.

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