Quantum Flare Launch

Quantum Flare will be launching on Saturday 15th June from 7am EDT Pittsburgh time. Here’s how you can help!

Find out about Quantum Flare here

PS. If you have not downloaded Quantum Flare for your Android device yet, get it here:-

Quantum Flare on the Google Play Store

All Day Launch:
Saturday 15th June from 7am EDT

Quantum Flare will launch on Product Hunt; the foremost launch platform on the internet.

👍 How you can help…

If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one easily with Twitter, Google or Facebook:-

then go here:-

You can comment right now, but on launch day, you can upvote.
Upvotes are very important to the launch. Whilst we are using marketing to bring in upvotes from other sources, every single vote helps!

Reddit has over 250 million monthly users. We will be posting a link on Reddit in the r/androidapps subreddit.

👍 How you can help…

If you do have an active Reddit account already, please head over to r/androidapps on launch day:-

Next, look for Quantum Flare in the list of posts for the day.

Please feel free to upvote and/or comment!

Quora is the number one Q&A community, and it’s user base in the hundreds of millions.

👍 How you can help…

Visit our Quora question here (currently LIVE right now):-

Feel free to upvote, comment or answer (relating to your experience of Quantum Flare)

Thanks for your support!

Mark Byrne
Director of Marketing

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