Quantum Enforcer

Quantum Enforcer® is an intelligent system baseline management (SBM) solution. It was originally developed to control the integrity of computer systems used to perform critical analysis and real-time plant parameter monitoring in the highly regulated commercial

Best of Breed

Quantum Enforcer® remotely controls the configuration and integrity of computer systems across an enterprise. This technology creates a disciplined configuration process, preserves standards and provides the opportunity to define and continually refine an enterprise’s baseline control strategies for its computer systems.

Quantum Enforcer® Features

Quantum Enforcer®; is a system management tool that enables you to implement and closely administer a monitoring strategy for your network. Quantum Enforcer®; allows an administrator to define strategies for managing specified control areas on enterprise-scale systems for the following purposes:

  • Raising quality and reliability through proactive configuration control strategies
  • Enabling higher levels of system security
  • Eliminating redundant testing
  • Reducing arbitrary system diversity and associated costs
  • Enabling more powerful remote diagnosis and response capabilities
  • Enforcing existing configuration standards with greater confidence
  • Gaining new insights into system management needs

Security needs are also a must within any enterprise-grade software. Quantum Enforcer® can significantly improve system security by directly monitoring the integrity of critical areas of the system. Inherently, Quantum Enforcer® detects any change on their system and reports them. Therefore, Quantum Enforcer® removes the added worry of breaches in other products that could potentially open security holes without detection. This allows an administrator to quickly learn of changes in security software, system security configuration files and any other critical products on the system.

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