Currently we are ubiquitously connected; in many instances, in unexpected ways. You cannot define your connections in absolute terms. You cannot defend what you cannot define.
Sean Chumura
CEO, CybXSecurity

Quantum CKM

Quantum CKM® protects data at all layers of abstraction from the moment it is created until the data is unwrapped by an authorized entity.

Encryption Standards

With Quantum CKM®, your data will always be secured with the strongest forms of encryption. You will also be protected from any and all data protection laws and standards.

Easy Integration

We strive to keep things simple for you. With our Quantum CKM® SDK, it is simple to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, allowing for less downtime, and quicker integration.

Keyless Management

While all encryption algorithms use private and public keys to decrypt data, Quantum CKM® is different. We do not store or manage keys; therefore, bypassing an entire key management system

Uncompromised Protection

If your data is Quantum CKM® protected, whether it is in transit or at rest and the medium in which it is contained is compromised, the data is still secure.

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