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Quantum Browser®; is a fully isolated web browsing solution designed by former National Security Agency (NSA) cybersecurity experts.

Safe Browsing With Quantum Browser®…

Not a Proxy

Quantum Browser® is not a proxy or a VPN. Proxy and VPN solutions attempt to make a user’s web browsing appear to be coming from another location. Quantum Browser®, on the other hand, performs the web browsing on a remote system, and not on the user’s local computer.

Nothing Reaches Your Computer

When Quantum Browser® is deployed, no web content ever reaches the user’s computer- this means no Flash, Java, Javascript, not even HTML or CSS. Instead, all web content is fetched, executed, and rendered on a remote server. Leaving only a stream of data in the form of pixels to your computer.

Virtual Environment

Quantum Browser® transparently moves the user’s web browser off of their computer entirely, allowing them to browse the web from a one-time-use virtual environment on a hardened remote server that can be located anywhere.

Malware Protection

If a target website infects your computer with malware, you have completely lost your anonymity, even if you use tools to hide your identity, because that malware has access to everything on that computer. Quantum Browser’s® unique isolation-based security design means users do not have to worry about malware infections revealing their identity, or even worse, giving their targets access to their data.

Browse the internet without fear

Get Quantum Browser® and never worry about malware, or malicious code infecting your system again!

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