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What is Quantum Flare?

Quantum Flare is an intelligent firewall that has been designed for use by even the most novice Android user. By activating the Sentinel and built-in VPN, Quantum Flare monitors every app on your device, and allows you to customize your settings to further enhance your security.

Quantum Flare monitors the activity of background apps, and prevents them from connecting to the internet, or indeed drawing over other apps to obtain information/private data. Quantum Flare is also useful as an ad blocker, as it prevents connection to known malicious & advertising URLs, making your apps run faster, and your browsing experience better.

In summary, Quantum Flare allows you to experience ad-free internet browsing, affords you faster loading times, allows you to see who is watching you, and saves battery life. The built-in VPN will allow you to protect your identity whilst you browse the internet in total privacy.

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How to install Quantum Flare

Using Quantum Flare

Quantum Flare passively protects your device in the background. There are, however, several features that you will find useful.

VPN Active

Firstly, note the VPN (key) icon in your notifications bar. This means the VPN is ACTIVE.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view allows you to access high level information about your device, and Quantum Flare’s interaction with it.

You can see the number of trackers and attempts to connect at the top, along with a bar chart showing the same data.

You will notice three circular icons on the right.

  • Daily Protection Summary – Here you can see the number of trackers & attempts blocked by day. Pressing the icon again will return the view to “Today” view.
  • GeoLocation Data – This shows the locations of the trackers & attacks.
  • Sentinel Data – Shows the level of protection for each individual app. You can change the settings for each app from this view, such as Allow/Block internet access, or preventing from drawing over apps.

Security Tab

In Security View you can change the Global Settings for all apps, or you can select individual levels of protection.

  • Settings: The settings cog allows you to view customized settings for Apps, URLs and System Apps
  • Global Settings: This allows you to change settings for all apps on your device. You can change the protection level, connection and risk permissions for every app on your device at once.
  • Individual App Settings: You can change the protection level, connection and risk permissions for each individual app.

Protection Level
When you click on the shield icon next to the app, you will see this view:-

From here you can change individual protection levels. The protection levels are:-

  • Advanced – This offers the maximum level of protection for the user and blocks all data brokers, attackers, malware, trackers etc. The aim is to completely block any/all breach of privacy and security. Some apps require some trackers to be operational for uninterrupted usage. Example: NDTV app requires Audio Video Tracker to be switched on for it to show videos. Keeping Quantum Flare in the Advanced protection mode may lead to disruptions in user experience. However, it does not compromise on the privacy & security of the user.
  • Standard: This level provides a good combination of protection and user experience. Quantum Flare blocks data brokers which invade privacy, but does not block trackers that are required for an apps usage.

Wifi / Mobile
You can also disable WiFi or Mobile internet Data connection. This is useful if a particular app connects a lot to your mobile data (Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat all use a lot of data in the background).

Here you can see the connections that were allowed or blocked for an app. You can block individual trackers/connections here.

Live View Tab

You have two options in this view – List view or SpyderWeb.

List View

Below is the Live View in List View:-

In this view you can block/unblock connections and tap on each app for more information.


Below is the SpyderWeb view.

SpyderWeb view allows you to see the connections in a visual format. Here you can see how some apps use the same trackers, or the actual number of connections to an app (that you don’t realize). To access these apps and connections, tap the List view.

Should you have any further queries, please contact support@cybxsecurity.com