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CybX Security Interviews Cyber Security Leaders & Professionals

As security professionals, we embrace new methodologies, strategies and analysis. To ensure we are always as close to the bleeding edge as possible, we diversify our knowledge base by networking with leaders in cyber security all over the world. We have been privileged to have met and engaged with some of the most influential people in our sector, and have implemented strategies that would not have been possible without the input of these leaders.

We – as an industry – are continuously learning and developing, and sharing knowledge with each other. It is important that we acknowledge that, whilst we may be competitors in business, we are united in our endeavors to fight cyber crime in all its forms. We find common ground in knowledge and awareness, which breeds ingenuity and initiative.

CybX Security LLC is proud to announce that we will be conducting interviews with some of our most respected peers in cyber security, with whom we share a common ground in providing thoughts, opinions and knowledge in our industry.

We will be interviewing CISOs, public speakers, technologists, award winning educators and more, in the pursuit of developing a collaborative wealth of knowledge in cyber security.

To find out more, or to express interest in being interviewed, please email Mark Byrne, CybX Security Marketing Director – mark.byrne AT

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