Quantum Safe Computer Security

Quantum Safe Computer Security

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The new CybXSecurity website is coming January 2021. You may notice some pages are unavailable during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please get in touch using the live chat if you require any assistance, or click “Contact CybX”.

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CybX Security is experiencing exponential growth as a company, and we are looking to expand our experienced, versatile, expert team.
If you have the necessary skills and want to join our dynamic, disruptive company, we want to hear from you.


Cybersecurity Preparedness

We have committed to the development of various solutions that will help community institutions, local and state Governments, and organizations of all sizes prepare for cybersecurity threats now and in the future.

CybXSecurity can help you prepare for some of the most dangerous threats, and secure your network and users with rapid on-boarding, superior technologies, and platforms that do not require an IT team to operate.

What We Do

Total Security & privacy


CybX develops specialist software that delivers military grade, Quantum Safe encryption


Strategic policies within our software prevents network threats from ever accessing data or key infrastructure​


Our disruptive apps offer device level security, available at consumer and commercial level​


Our PC solutions are available at both a consumer and commercial level, providing unparalleled security

Step By Step

This is our process. We care enough to completely understand each client; your needs, your security weaknesses and your budget. No two clients are the same, so our “All-in-one” solutions are tailor-made to you, whether you are global enterprise or a small business.

Step 1


A fact-finding meeting with you to discuss your needs, and your expectations. We analyze your security systems, and create a plan of action with you.

Step 2

Custom Built Solution

The CybX team builds a package that will be delivered as a complete solution, adhering to agreed deadlines. From initial installation right through to staff training and education.

Step 3


Your solution is integrated into your existing systems, and package specific training is delivered to your employees. Support & assistance will be on hand at all times.

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Personal Records Stolen Every Minute*
20 %
Of Cyber Attacks Target SMBs*
1.1 Billion
Personal Data Records Breached - Upto March 2019...*
Personal Records Stolen Every Minute*
20 %
Of Cyber Attacks Target SMBs*
1.1 Billion
Personal Data Records Breached - Upto March 2019...*

* Source: HashedOut and Gemalto Cyber Security Statistics 2019

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Our Products

Zero Trust

Our Zero Trust and Remote Worker Zero Trust (RWZT) Solutions allow you to determine granular access controls for every user, device and instance of stored data on your network.

Quantum CKM

Quantum CKM® protects data at all layers of abstraction from the moment it is created until the data is unwrapped by an authorized entity.

Quantum Enforcer

Quantum Enforcer® is an intelligent system baseline management (SBM) solution. It was originally developed to control the integrity of computer systems used to perform critical analysis and real-time plant parameter monitoring in the highly regulated commercial nuclear power industry.

Quantum Browser

Quantum Browser® is a fully isolated web browsing solution designed by former National Security Agency (NSA) cybersecurity experts.

Quantum Shield

Quantum Shield® provides a technology to detect and stop unauthorized programs (payloads) before they are allowed to execute. It also detects internal unauthorized network connections providing an extremely effective solution to eliminate not only the “external threat”, but also the “internal threat”.

Quantum Flare

Quantum Flare is our flagship mobile security app. The features include a firewall, anti-malware, live tracking, app level connection blocking and much more. Quantum Flare is available FREE from the Google Play Store now.

Quantum Nerve

Quantum Nerve® looks and feels like any other messaging app, but offers security like nothing else on the market. Used by corporate, military, government and public clients, it is the ultimate versatile messaging app. Completely anonymous, secure and private communications, all possible by utilizing CybX Quantum technology.


flareDNS is a DNS content filtering device and service which can be deployed on any size network, and scale with your business. Clients use flareDNS for blocking ads, adware, cryptocurrency mining scripts, nefarious sites, ransomware and other threats automatically and silently.

Flare Browser Controller

Flare Browser Controller

Flare Browser is an easy-to-use and highly flexible solution to give any computer user the best possible protection and control. With a single, simple installation in your browser, you can block ads, trackers, unwanted cookies, web beacons, and related analytics technologies to protect your online identity, and customize your browsing experience.

How Can We Help You?

Case Studies

Jewelry Store

“Internet security is a daunting topic and can be intimidating. We appreciate these tools because we feel like we can finally understand what is happening on our network, without a cyber trained professional explaining it. I am now more in control of my systems.”

– James Fearer, President and Principal,
James Douglas Jewelry

Coal Blending Facility

“This solution was so simple and straightforward that I wish I would have deployed it years ago.

Our staff is more productive and less frustrated with Internet lag.”

– COO Allen Goldberg, General Trade Company

Reviews & Achievements

Finances.Online Software Review site awards for Quantum Flare Android:-
WINNER: Rising Star Award, 2019
WINNER: Premium Usability Award, 2019
Finances.Online Score: 8/10
Finances Online
Quantum Flare Review
"Whether you’re a professional user or a budding amateur, having the right protection tools in your arsenal is imperative for your privacy. Quantum Flare is one of the best firewall apps for Android we found."
Quantum Flare Review
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