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SPEED – 90% of all webpages contain trackers, and load 2x slower. Additionally,
60% of pageload speed is used by ad scripts. Flare Browser Controller enables you to remove negative factors almost completely.

PRIVACY – When employees access the internet via a web browser, they are immediately being tracked by websites, data brokers and ad tracking servers. Flare Browser Controller prevents any of this data being tracked, stored or reported.

USABILITY – Flare Browser Controller is designed to be operated by even the most novice computer user, and can be expertly customized at an advanced level, without any expert or advanced knowledge.

EASY LICENSING – Our licensing options are flexible and focused on results. We will put together a plan to deploy Flare Browser Controller throughout your organization in the most affordable way possible, with seamless integration.

flare browser controller in detail

Ad Blocking

Adaptive ad blocking solution constantly updated with the latest definitions and W3, HTML and CSS changes. 100% customizable solution.

Word Blacklist

Customize a word list which will prevent websites being shown that contain blocked words. Easy controls from main extension menu

Flare Browser Controller

View real-time connections

View the cookies, trackers and other connections to your browser and apply your own custom parameters for a truly personal browsing experience

Visualize locations of Servers

Using Flare Browser Controller map view, you can see the GeoIP of every server that is connecting to your browser via pages

Speed Up Browsing

By blocking ads, trackers & 3rd party sites, your browser sessions will always be faster, and pageload times will reduce massively.

Layered Protection

By combining blocking and user agent spoofing, for example, Flare Browser Controller layers your browsing security & privacy

Increased Productivity

Browser users will spend less time on websites that are distracting and ad-heavy, making every session much more productive.

Easy To Use

Flare Browser Controller was designed to be fast and user-friendly, and can be used by even the most novice computer user.

Security Pedigree

A collaboration of two pioneering USA security companies, Flare Browser Controller is at the forefront of cyber protection.

Smooth Interface

You can access everything you need in the easy to use dashboard, and smoothly transition through the various screens.

Features In Detail:-

Flare Browser Controller enables you to block intrusive and distracting ads, making every browser session as fast and productive as possible. With over 

One of the most important features of Flare Browser Controller is that it identifies “fake” ads which lead to websites that contain spyware, viruses and adware, which greatly enhances the security of your browser. Links to ransomware websites and downloads are blocked, and dangerous download links do not appear on page.

Data brokers gather, collate and sell information about website visitors and users. Whether the data collected is being used for marketing, “people search” website population, or financial/personal profiling, this data is most often taken without the user’s consent. Flare Browser Takes back control for the user, and blocks any and all associated IP addresses, websites, and URLs that are classified as data brokers.

Find out more about data brokers here.

In a recent study of over 144 million web pages, spread over a dozen countries, a massive 77.4% of all websites contained at least one third-party tracker. Analysis further revealed that a 16.2% of the websites in the study featured 10 or more trackers.

Flare Browser Controller has been developed to recognize and block these trackers, making your browser session as private as possible.

Updated information coming soon.

You may want to prevent certain websites being visited on your device. A word blacklist enables you to enter unlimited words and phrases that you deem unsuitable, and Flare Browser Controller will ensure no websites can be browsed if they contain those words.

Our clients in education use this feature to ensure no websites that contain profanities, hate or pornographic content are browsed by students.

Each time you request a webpage, your internet browser sends a “user-agent”, which provides the website with information about the device and browser you are using. This information, along with the return IP address, may be used to identify you and allows websites to track your activity.

Flare Browser Controller automatically makes very small changes to your default user agent-header each and every time you visit a new webpage. This default action reduces the risk of the web server identifying you, and tracking your internet activity.


AD Blocking

CNN.com - October 28th 2019
CNN is one of the foremost news websites in the world. Along with the top 500 websites in the world, when you browse CNN, you are also connected to potentially 40+ connections; ad servers, data trackers and data brokers. Here is CNN (on the left) with and without Flare Browser Controller enabled…

In some cases, ads take up over 30% of the page...

Use the slider to see before and after Flare Browser Controller is enabled…


Compatible Browsers


Flare Browser Controller For Chrome


Flare Browser Controller For Firefox


Flare Browser Controller For Chrome


Flare Browser Controller For Firefox


Get Started


+1 866 750 CYBX (2929)

Already Licensed?

You can find Flare Browser Controller help files, FAQ and tutorial videos below…

Flare Browser Controller


Install a single license of Flare Browser Controller on your computer.
Note: If you have multiple licenses, please see our Multiple License information below

Flare Browser Controller


Get a step by step guide to all of Flare Browser Controller features. Includes: Settings, Website & Word Filters, Block Trackers & Content, Map View and SpyderWeb.

Flare Browser Controller


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