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Global security news is one of the most trending topics on the internet today. Whilst most blogs are happy to circulate infographics from other sources, there are few that do their own analysis, as well as vetting data submitted from third parties.

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Security.Land has emerged as an exceptional security voice in the Balkan region, covering topics such as cybercrime, online security and focusing on education over promotion. We had the good fortune to align ourselves with Security.Land, when they covered Quantum Flare a few weeks ago.

“All of our content is free. We do our own analysis and writing — plus we vet, synthesize and re-purpose research from credible sources (analysts, researchers, vendors, industry experts, media publishers) — and everything for free! “


Cyber Security Education

As most blogs turn toward traditional display advertising monetization as a means to keeping the lights on, Security.Land have taken a different route. Through sponsorship, the blog is able to deliver free content, analysis and news.

Security.Land have recently covered topics such as the Indian bank ‘Jana Cash’ data breach, and more mainstream topics like the Top 5 technology Trends of 2019. The content is varied, and delivered in a conversational and mostly editorial manner, featuring blog posts, review style posts, and also in-depth analysis reports.

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Most notably, Security.Land cover breaking stories in the cyber security arena, and pull no punches in the interest of full coverage of a story. This is, in fact, how CybX Security discovered Bast Company, who own Security.Land. Following a report on Android security products, CybX contacted Bast in the hope we could forge an alliance in bringing cybercrime news to the forefront in our respective communities, and collaborate where possible.

Security.Land cover a lot of ground; data breaches, malware & phishing, cyberespionage, pen testing & hacking, and security tools are among the articles, and of particular interest to our staff is the education category. Great care has been taken in creating articles that are not just informative, but are also a step by step in learning about the cybersecurity realm, and our part in it.

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