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Private, Secure and Reliable Communication for every Android user.

Cloak Communicator is now available to the general public, after extensive use by: –

  • law enforcement & legal sector
  • financial services
  • charities
  • security services
  • doctors
  • reporters & journalists

We believe EVERYONE should have ABSOLUTE privacy & security when communicating.


✓ No Sign-Up Required – Use Any Email (even fake email)
✓ Multi-Layered Encrypted Messages, Voice Calls and Media Transfer
✓ Group Messaging Channels
✓ Obfuscate Chats (Hide Chat Text)
✓ Send/Receive Media
✓ Biometric / Secure Password Access
✓ Delete messages locally AND on recipient device
✓ Delete entire chat channels



Cloak User Guide


4 reasons To Choose cloak

The End Of E2EE

End To End Encryption is not as safe as you think. Your data is always at risk if you are not using quantum safe security.

Feature Rich App

Send messages, photos, or videos. and create unlimited chat channels. All without restrictions or extra costs for upgrades.

Ultimate Privacy

CybX stores nothing. We cannot hand over data to 3rd parties, because your data is your data. We never see it or store it.

Quantum Safe

Quantum technology is already here. Our technology was built to withstand attacks from the most advanced computers, and inevtiably from quantum computers that are already being developed.

more features...

Anonymous account creation

You can create an account with a fake email, your real email, and do not need to enter any personal details, ever.

Secure account deletion

Delete your account, safe in the knowledge that zero meta data is stored. Not by us, or on your device.

Secure, reliable text messaging

Each message you send and receive from a Cloak user has unique cryptographic keys.

Secure, reliable media sharing

Every single picture and video is encrypted using unique cryptographic keys

Secure voice communication

Unlike any other app, the audio of your communication is completely encrypted.

Choose your nickname

You choose what other people see in chat channels. With multiple channels, you can have multiple identities.

Message obfuscation option

Cloak will optionally obfuscate text so that people cannot see your messages physically in the app.

Channels identity protected

To view a channel, you must verify your identity first. We also utilize biometric technology for this.

Cloak Communicator in detail

CybX Quantum® is a revolutionary technology that actually creates “self-protecting data objects” of your data at creation, through transit, and at rest. As our motto stands “ALWAYS PROTECT THE DATA FIRST!”

***End to End Encryption is a play on words… It is not making you as safe as you think. Even if it was, how can companies that push End to End Encryption still monitor your communications to direct ads to you? There is always something being sold. When it comes to apps, either you are being sold or your data is. And if you did not pay for your app (i.e. free download) you are the one being sold because they are mining your data… At CybX, we don’t mislead you, we charge you for the app and protect your data/communication.

Even if the Cloak Communicator® messages are intercepted through MIM attacks (man in middle) or other methods, the data remains protected. You must authenticate yourself in order to open the packets. Additionally, those you are in communication with must authenticate themselves before the messages can be opened and read.

Cloak Communicator® ensures the ultimate security of your communications. No one, even with the password to your phone, can gain access to your messages. You must be authenticated to open the app. This means the token of choice, such as a bio-metric (fingerprint, eyes, etc…), is required to open the app. So not even those that know you well enough to have all your information can bypass the security.

When it comes to your privacy, you control that as well. CybX stores nothing. What is yours is always yours. In fact, we cannot even comply with requests to turn over your data because we have none. We do not even have access to the email address you use to register.

Now to ensure this level of privacy there are downfalls… We cannot assist you in recovering log ins, recovery of messages, etc. We store nothing, so there is no way we can assist you. The good news is, no matter where you live in the world, we cannot access your data…No matter who asks or legally requests the information, because once again… WE STORE NOTHING OF YOUR INFORMATION. Not even your bio-metric, not your messages… Nothing.


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