Universal Health Services CFO Steve Filton Addresses Impact of Cyber Attack: COVID-19 May Impact Payer Mix (JPM21)

Universal Health Services suffered a major cyber attack on their computer systems late September 2020, forcing an outage of UHS hospital computer and telephone systems. An official statement statement in October 2020 confirmed: “The UHS IT Network has been restored and applications are in the process of being reconnected. The recovery process has been completed […]

Emotet Resurgence – Sending 100,000 Emails Per Day

In this article: Emotet’s primary functions Evasive tactics used by Emotet Previous iterations of Emotet Emotet Ecosystem – Sophos Infographic How the Emotet variant executes Mitigation strategies for healthcare IT administrators Emotet Malware Variant Uses New Evasive Tactics in 2021 The Emotet trojan malware variant has now resurfaced after a two month period of relative […]

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