Who We Are

CybX is led by a veteran team with experience in enterprise security system design, development and deployment.

CybX is the first company of its kind to merge the practice of computer forensics with computer security and information security. Our products exceed the normal standards of computer security, productivity, and compliance.

What We Do

CybX has a primary focus on integrating tested, proven and unbroken proprietary information security software into client’s infrastructure. This is done via a network of licensees which are responsible for direct selling efforts and initial customer support.

Our Protection

CybX currently offers a number of products to the market place that are disruptive in the areas of computer security and cyber warfare making CybX truly innovative in information security, regardless if data is at rest or on the move. CybX is the only company that has the ability to not only protect a client’s data, but also ensure a client is compliant with regulations, regardless of location, 24/7/365.

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