The CybX Solution™

Defending your Data

Disrupting Catastrophe

At CybX our mission is simple: We defend your data.

Our patented CybX Solution™ ensures that when your perimeter is breached, your data is DOA.

Our dynamic key encryption renders your data unusable to the enemy, while immutable backup technology ensures your data remains intact and is available for your continued use in mere hours.

Your Employees, Your Data: Protected Anywhere

The workplace has gone mobile. We’ve got you covered. We protect your team from intrusion no matter where they are and what they may accidentally encounter online. Company-owned devices receive the same level of protection as if they were in the building.

Frictionless Solution, Simple Installation

We value your time. We value your investment. Not only did we create The CybX Solution™ to integrate seamlessly with your existing Cybersecurity service, our installation is completed without having to bring down your entire network. Most enterprise client installation will be completed virtually.

Industries We Serve:



Financial & Professional Services

Government & Municipalities


Industrial & Manufacturing

Hospitality & Service

Cybersecurity Compliancy

The CybX Solution™ adheres to the following compliance standards: